Testimonials For John Breeze

Working with John Breeze is like having a weight lifted off of your shoulders each and every meeting. In the three meetings we’ve had so far, John has helped me sort through some complex problems I was having in my business and my life.

Chris Gover, Projech Design

Hiring John this last spring was the first thing I ever did when joining our BNI chapter. I had been hearing nothing but great things about this business coach my good friend Misha was working with. When John introduced himself at the first meeting I attended I knew it was a match made in business coaching heaven! That or his English accent just sounded really convincing.

I remember one of our first meetings we had was at Higher Ground Café in Kensington. I had an old friend of mine sitting nearby who after John left asked, “Who is that guy?” “He sounds really wise, like he should be on the Lord of the Rings of something”. I guess it helps that John’s accent makes anything he says sound a lot smarter and sophisticated. It makes me feel like I am getting my money’s worth. It just wouldn’t be the same with a German accent…

This year has been full of milestones for my photography business. I am now busier than ever, renting out my own studio meeting space, booking over 95% of my consultations and handing out the slickest crystal flash drives to all my wedding clients. All of these things and more have been because John asked me, “Why don’t you get a space? What is holding you back from finding a space? Why not get crystal flash drives? Sofia, what else are your wedding clients getting when they hire you?” This man has been nothing short of amazing. I have laughed, cried and thanked him at countless meetings now.

I would recommend John’s business coaching to any business owner looking to grow and take their company to the next level. If he can handle my “Oops… I didn’t do my homework” and “Can I just vent at today’s meeting?” then I am sure he can handle almost anyone. I hope for many more meetings with John and look forward to growing my business with my Lord of the Rings Business Coach guiding me.

Testimonials For Gianni Barbieri

This letter of appreciation is to thank you for the excellent way you handled the servicing of my Toyota 4-Runner last week.

As I told you, I have always had this vehicle services at the Toyota Dealer until now, and I have not been dissatisified with the results.

But I didn’t know what I was missing.

For example, as a customer one doesn’t have the opportunity to go into the service shop; the service rep. hasn’t actually seen my vehicle; we don’t get to discuss the fact that I needed special attention to conditions that might become a problem during my upcoming road trip to California and back. And one certainly doesn’t get a detailed, 4- page report on the condition of absolutely every feature of the vehicle!

I’ll be leaving for California with more than enough confidence that my vehicle is now in excellent condition and nothing has been neglected by you and your team.

Thank you for the special attention. I’ll be back!

Testimonials For John Boote

I have had the utmost pleasure of working with John Boote starting December 2013 on the search engine optimization on our web-site. While most people try to do and think they know what they are doing for SEO , John Boote knows what to do and how to succeed in search engine optimization.

He is very thorough with his initial quote, his final proposal, and complete outlay of work. He sets customer’s expectations right and depending on their interest he can accommodate their goals quite ambitiously.

I have been very impressed with the results as well as his simple, accurate and timely reporting.  He is not only thorough, knowledgeable and result oriented but he is very responsive as well. He responds to all the emails with reference to our monthly project within 48 hours.

I have received several proposals and worked with a few SEO companies and can confidently say that John Boote is “the” person I would trust with SEO and hire to do such work. He is all there is good, reliable and result oriented that is very challenging in the online marketing landscape.

Testimonials For Kyle Stone

I have had the pleasure of working with Kyle Stone with Sotheby’s International Realty to purchase my first home.

Kyle Stone is not a sales man trying to close a buyer so he can make a quick commission. He is not impatient or “too busy” when it comes to showing 70 properties until we find the right one. He is not a realtor that will tell you that the market is going up when you are a buyer and down with you are the seller. He is not a guy who would do the bare minimum and move on to the next client.

In fact, Kyle Stone is a friend who truly cares for the well being of his client. He could have closed the sale and convinced me on so many properties we liked  but he was very patient and never gave up. He works with facts and sent me all the info, statistics, market information and resources I needed to learn more about real estate and all the due diligence. When Kyle couldn’t make it  his team member, Darren skipped dinner to come show us a property. Kyle worked under a tight deadline and always picked up his phone. His responsiveness and strong negotiating skills were pertinent for us to get a great deal in a crazy market in a short period of time. Kyle Stone is not what a lot of realtors are all about. He is trustworthy. I can say that with Kyle Stone you are not hiring a realtor you are making a friend. Thank you for everything!